Star Wars: Shatterpoint Compatible Tournament Organizer (Assembled)

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Compatible with the game Star Wars: Shatterpoint. The tournament organizer houses all the contents of the core box and more. Holds everything you need to play the game minus models. All layers are magnetized to stack on top of eachother.

Army Tray:
Holds 9 models of 40mm or 50mm bases. There is also an additional section to throw dice and tokens during game play or between rounds.

Stick Tray:
Holds all measuring sticks and the core struggle tracker. There is also an additional struggle tracker hidden under the space for the core box one.

Token/Deck Tray:
Can hold 12 BCW sleeved character cards and a full compliment of tarot sized cards from the core box.
Holds a full set of dice and has 10 divided sections for tokens.

Dimensions (combined):
12" X 8" X 2"